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How much does an iphone cost to produce ?

31st October, 2016
iphone cost

We already know that tech programmers and developers behind the manufacturing industry are there to mainly make profits. In fact what we have found from researchers is that the cost is not based on the specifications of the hardware but on how the manufacturers run their business.

Introduction :

According to IHS technology,global researchers of the technology reports that price of the components and also the bill of the materials mainly reveals how much a manufacturer spends on the hardware and the assembly.
If being compared with Motor G then every component besides the battery is less expensive than that of the iPhone.Motor Gs 8GB is $6 is very much cheaper than that of the Apple’s 16GB. Its screen is far cheaper than an Apple.The contents also differs a lot. Motor G costs $3.50 and Apple’s cost is $7.The components and assembly together make Motor G costs $109.75 and iPhone 5s costs $198.70.In fact, the retail price is $7 including the physical costs of the MotorG whereas the retail price is $ 450.

More details on the making of the iPhone :

The cheapest model of iPhone is sold at Rs 51,000 but it costs just 17,000 for it to make. Here are some of the shocking revelations for you.Although the phone is sold on such eye-popping price yet it takes just 17,000 for it to make.The materials used to make an iPhone costs only 15,800. The most expensive part of the phone is the screen which comes in a 3D -technology the cost of one screen is Rs 3,580 and next comes to the camera. The manufacturing cost of both front and back camera is 8 megapixels and 12 megapixels is mainly Rs 1,530.If you ever wondered why Apple never offers an expandable memory ?then you must know this is where they actually add most of their device and in fact the cost of adding one gigabyte of a memory on the phone is as low as Rs 25.The cost of 16GB is Rs 400 whereas 64 gigs are Rs 1600. So the difference between the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 plus is not more than Rs 1200.Even if all the expenses are added including the R &D ,labor ,shipping ,licensing,taxes,marketing, and other costs. The margin between the cost price and selling price is extremely large.

In fact, Apple has its own brand but of course, we know it can never be 300%.