Our mission is to drive value for our clients through delivering services and solutions that will support your IT organizations and enable your business through a commitment to service excellence, innovation and integrity.  Engage Adept as a strategic partner today and draw from a wealth of experiences and best practices.


Our journey has given us the opportunity to work with market leaders all over the world…if they trust us, you should too!

  • B2B Integration
  • EDI Cloud Managed Services
  • Technical Staffing
  • IT Project Management
  • Application Development

The blueprint of the Project

We are committed to building strategic, long-term relationships to assist you in maximizing your IT investment.


Remi Kuti


Remi Kuti is the Managing Owner for Adept Engineering Solutions. He has over 19 years of experience in software engineering and enterprise system development and is responsible the overall leadership and solutions roadmap of the company. The original developer of Adept’s Routing & Document Tracking Solutions, Remi is driven by…

The Result

Adept Engineering Solutions is headed by a team of leaders with significant experience in Fortune 500 companies. The diverse experience and proven track record of the executive team is the driving force behind the leadership and the vision of the company.