Consegeria is a counselling service which guides you every step of the way to fulfill your dream of studying abroad and give you all the support you need to achieve this, it.

During the time they have been working more than 6500 students have trusted us to fulfill his dream of studying abroad.



Consegeria keep an eye on those who is willing to study abroad.
They provide free consult, student accommodation,visa formalities,summer camps and financial options.
This program is best for the students who want to study abroad and make career.
Their services are great in terms of consulting to finance.
A great move to enhance new technologies for students.

The blueprint of the Project

Our team was involved into making this site a success. It was a migration job, our team successfully migrated the site to the wordpress theme purchased by client.
Our experts scrutinized the theme and focused on the core of the business and made their efforts to create this beautiful site !!!


Cosegeria is a great success now, with 6067 students studying abroad, 14 years of experience , 5 points of sale in columbia and 3 points abroad.

The Result

This was the first site migration job done by us and now running successfully among different countries

Thanks to our client !!!