FarmAfriQue works with the practice and essentially becomes a part of your team. Their goal is to provide answers to your practice needs so that you can stay focused on providing great care to your patients.



FarmAfriQue have a proprietary analysis tool that can generate a detailed report, outlining solutions for virtually every aspect of your practice.

At FarmAfriQue they are not simply a Ecommerce company, but Revenue Cycle Management Specialists, and we look at every aspect of your practice to optimize efficiency, reduce costs and most importantly increase revenue.

The blueprint of the Project

Our team was involved into making this site a success.Our experts scrutinized the theme and focused on the core of the business and made their efforts to create this beautiful site !!!


FarmAfriQue is committed to simplifying your Revenue Cycle Management needs.

The Result

The site is an award-winning, cutting-edge EHR and billing software was designed by physicians and is very intuitive to use.  Their rejection rate is approximately less than 3%, and average claim payment is 10-14 days.