Since its founding in 2006, the Host Special GmbH is headed by owner Marco Hofmann.

They  operate since 2007 high-performance data center in Germany and can therefore guarantee the highest security and the latest technology.Furthermore, it is thus possible for us to more fully respond to individual customer requirements.



Overcome the great challenges of the care and maintenance of your complex IT environment with host special managed services you can find highly specialized support for custom environments, working in compatible environments and benefit from the latest operation models like “Cloud” or “as-a-service” – environments.

The blueprint of the Project

HIH7 website team was involved into making this site a success.
From designing to HTML coding to WordPress development, Our experts scrutinized the theme and focused on the core of the business and made their efforts to create this beautiful site !!!


The response to this technology was excellent
Our team has reviewed the scope of work very carefully and brought into action
With constant response and co-operation with the client we have successfully made this site live and working.

The Result

All of their solutions and applications, and systems are supervised by qualified collaborations. The extensive expertise of our staff is available to customers locally available, a reliable technical support is always guaranteed.

The Host Special GmbH is a competent partner and is regularly awarded for speed and reliability of hosting products.