Leap nutrition

Leap Nutrition™ was founded with the aim to be Always A Step Ahead™. Their focus in selecting the best ingredients and manufacturing procedures to ensure good value to our devoted customers. The scientific research team together with selected athletes work synergistically together to come up with functional products at an affordable price for everyone Leap Nutrition™ flagship product Whey Ahead™ a 100% whey protein with all the characteristics one’s wish for in a protein shake, has catapulted the brand high on the international MARKET.



Quality control is a key element in all Leap Nutrition™ products. In house screening as well as screening from independent reputable institutions assures all ingredients as well as finished products are tested for purity and quality. 3 stage testing as well as  double blind studies are carried out to ensure our standards are met and kept through out the manufacturing process.

The blueprint of the Project

This website was a fun working, the theme , schedule and interaction with the client was really great.
It is a fitness hub where you can buy fitness products specially for health conscious people.
Beautifully developed, this site is a success!!!


The Choice of Champions,100% Micronized Creatine Monohydrate.Leap Nutrition™ range of products are backed with all European quality requirements and standards.

The Result

Leap Nutrition™ is rapidly building a network of exclusive distributors and resellers, offering quality products, marketing support and business expertise.