Would you like to travel the world, earn great money and have virtually no living expenses? If this sounds too good to be true it’s not!! It’s hard work, demanding & challenging, but also extremely rewarding. You’ll get to visit some of the world’s most amazing locations, rub shoulders with billionaires and celebrities, meet the most amazing people and have the experiences of a lifetime. Best of all you could undertake the Superyacht Crew Training Program using VET FEE-HELP* meaning you can Study Now & Pay Later.

In addition to your considerable salary (which varies depending on the length of the vessel and seniority of position onboard), most vessels pay for all living expenses, insurance, uniforms and cleaning, health insurance and airfare to and from the vessel.


The Superyacht Training Academy specialises in superyacht vocational training. Our Superyacht Crew Training Program has been developed and contextualised through collaboration with the superyacht industry and meets the demands of the global superyacht industry. The program is delivered in partnership with the William Angliss Institute and superyacht recruitment and industry specialist partner Joy Weston – the pioneer of superyacht recruitment and training in Australia with over 26 years superyacht industry experience. By combining our expertise we know graduates will receive training that meets current industry standards and the unique skills and sound theoretical knowledge required to become elite professional superyacht crew members. * VET FEE HELP is available to eligible students, William Angliss Institute RTO ID 3045.

The blueprint of the Project

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Superyacht Steward/ Stewardess are often referred to in the superyacht industry as Interior Crew. The role of  Interior crew is extremely demanding, they play a vital role onboard the vessels and are often required to assist with on-deck operations from…

The Result

The interior yacht management training provided as part of the Superyacht Crew Training Program will ensure that you have the key skills required to work in more senior positions onboard superyachts. Ultimately in the role of Chief steward/ess, you will are…