Website Client Questionnaire

Please take your time and answer ALL of the bellow questions.

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Email id

Skype Id

Company name and its URL (if any)


Whatsapp Cell no. (if any)

What services do you require?
  • Website Design (PSD only) 
  • Web Development (only) 
  • Full Website Development Project 
  • Mobile App (Design only) 
  • App Development(Only) 
  • Fully App Development Project 
  • Website HTML (Only) 
Tell me about your company (Please give me a brief overview of the company, what you do or produce?)

Do you have a timeframe or deadline to get this site online?(If you have specific deadline, please state why. )

If Yes can you please explain what is working and not working on your current website?

Yes No 

Are you going to need? Ecommerce (sell products)

Yes No 

Membership of any kind

Yes No 

Are there any additional features that you would you link for your site or things that you would like to add in feature? please be as specific and detailed as possiable

Are there corporate colors, logo,fonts etc.that should be incorporated?

If you do not already have a logo, are you going to need one designed?

Is there a specific look and feel that you have in mind?

Type of platform which you went me to develop the site into?
  • Wordpress 
  • PHP 
  • Joomla 
  • Magneto 
  • Android 
  • IOS 
Website of your closest competition please include at least 3 links of site of your competition.What do you like about them? What would you like to differently or better?

Websites that we like Along with putting down the site address, please comment on what you like about each site, i.e. the look and feel, functionality, colors etc. These do not have to have anything to do with your business, but could have features you like. Please include at least